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the process

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how it works



First things first, we’ll schedule a complimentary phone chat to see if we’re a good fit. This gives you time to explain your project and gives me the opportunity to better explain my process, discuss fees and answer any questions you might have.

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If all goes well, we’ll schedule an initial meeting on site, at my studio, or through video conferencing to go over your wish list, concepts and inspiration photos so we can establish the scope of the project.

For remodels and additions, I like to meet on site so I can see the space and take as-built measurements. For new builds, we’ll meet in my studio or video conference.

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Now the fun starts! For remodels and additions, I’ll prepare CAD files for the as-built plans based on the site measurements or the original plans. From there, I’ll set to work designing floor plan options based on the established scope and parameters of the project.

Did you notice, I said floor plan options, not a single floor plan? That’s because there is always more than one way to solve a spatial problem. Exploring the space by designing multiple floor plans allows me to uncover solutions that would have otherwise remained hidden, while giving my clients so much more to choose from.

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For new build projects, I’ll start by redlining any trouble areas in an existing plan and then I’ll provide specific, viable solutions for those trouble areas. When working on established plans, my goal is to respect all the work that has gone into the design up to that point while still offering avenues for improvement. Using great finesse and skill, I’m typically able to correct awkward spatial challenges to elevate and perfect the existing plan with only minor changes.

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Once I’ve completed the preliminary plans, we’ll meet again so I can present my ideas. Along with the floor plan options, I’ll have perspective plans and other drawings for conceptualization. The conceptual drawings add tremendous value to the design process and allow you to better understand and visualize the proposed designs. I also provide preliminary design concept boards at this stage of the process that show possible colors and finish materials. That way, early on in the process, we start to establish the interior style and aesthetics of the space.

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From there, you select a floor plan and then we’ll work together to fine-tune it. When it’s finalized, I’ll design the elevations, including cabinetry design, fireplaces, stairways, millwork, lighting, plumbing, cabinet style, interior doors, hardware selections and other architectural details. Though floor plans are the critical foundation for any design project, it’s in the elevations, or vertical view, where the project truly comes alive and begins to take shape.

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Finally, we get very specific with the selection of colors and finish materials, like paint, tiles, flooring, etc. Once everything is finalized, I add them to the drawings for visualization and communication, then provide a schedule to hand off to the contractor on the project.

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Even though I’ve handed off a portion of the work to the contractor at this point, I’ll still be there through every step of the construction process. When questions, or problems, arise (and they will, it’s just a part of the experience), I’ll be there to ease your mind and provide solutions.

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Once construction is making progress, we’ll begin to select furnishings, together. After months, and often times years of planning and designing, this is where your house begins to feel like a home. I’ll walk you through the final steps to make sure every piece of furniture and art is perfectly placed before move-in day.

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