Not all design projects have long building cycles, some of them move fast and furiously. The Yellow Bend Project (a complete house renovation and addition) moved along at a pace where we were able to go through each room of the entire house, customizing, adding architectural details, custom cabinets and lighting. And let me tell you, all the careful thought and planning paid off in big dividends! The house is a show stopper!

That said, did you happen to notice in my introductory post earlier this week that the date on my drawings from the study design was October 2015? Although it’s not noted on the lighting and cabinet hardware design board shown in this post, the original date of those final selections was in October 2016. 

And now in October 2017, my talented client and I have been working together on making the final furniture and accessory selections for the study. All the furniture pieces have been ordered…the shelves have even been stylized…and now we’re working on finalizing textile choices for the pillows and window seat.

While all of that’s been in the works Libby, the photographer took detail photos of the lighting and cabinet hardware because they are just that beautiful…and have added an amazing sculptural presence to the space.


You might be wondering about the lag in the time between when we finalized the study design with the built-in cabinets and millwork, to a year later when the lighting selections were finalized. 

How did we get away with that with our custom cabinetry when wires are ran for electrical in the very earliest stages of the build process? Because we needed the actual lights to finalize their precise locations in the cabinets and millwork, the electrician ran wires as close to where we were expecting the lights to go. After the cabinets were installed, and we had the actual light fixtures in hand, the electrician cut through the cabinets and millwork to pull the wires through to exactly where we needed them before installing the fixtures.


I know I've said this a hundred times but there is just so much that goes into a design project that it can't possibly be shared in one single post. And because so much of the design process for me  happens at my drafting table long before the build process actually starts, the back story to the final reveal is an intricate part of my life and design story. Thanks for following the journey!