Last weekend my husband and I enjoyed the first day of fall in the beautiful, Sierra Mountain town of Truckee, California, not far from Lake Tahoe. It's a place that holds lots of fond memories for our family. Dating back to when our children were young, we would stop for a bite to eat after a long day of snow skiing, playing in the snow, or just for quick mountain get-aways.

The Truckee memories continue on for us... in the last while it has become a regular destination for our family's annual Thanksgiving trips, the years have gone by our family has nearly tripled in size... the kids have their own kids now, making our trips to Tahoe even sweeter. The more the merrier!


For this trip I took my camera along...I was hoping to work on my photography skills while capturing images of some of the well-designed shops that line the main streets. As luck would have it I found the perfect place to practice interior shots at a lovely boutique called Tahoe University. It's located in an old, historic building that was originally a hotel. Besides their interesting vignettes, there was just the right amount of natural light filtering through the windows to allow for me to capture the bright and airy images that I love. Here's to Tahoe University, and the owners who graciously let me shoot until my hearts content!


This first image was taken by my husband, and  I captured all the rest...

The image of the bear was taken from the gallery art they had on display throughout the store. I had to crop the image in order to get the shot I was after. The artist is Sara L. Smith, and you can learn more about her here.


Inspired by the design of the store and natural lighting, I put together an inspiration board to capture the feel and vibe of the store. Along with Sara Smith's bear art, I've also included a print from a long time favorite artist, Jake Arly, and an image from Tahoe University's website (photographer unknown).

And in true TFD form, I had to get in some rapid sketches too!

Happy Simply Sunday, friends!