True story!

When the contractor told me that they had started work on the project, I told him that I would get a photographer in right away to take before photos - he said, "Sorry Tami, there is no before left, we’ve already demoed it". Though disappointed that we weren’t going to be able to capture how the space looked before demolition began, I said that’s ok, we’ll get what’s left.

What wasn't registering with me was that instead of working with the exsiting space as planned, they actually ended up taking it all down for structual reasons. The next day, I got a call from the photographer who was at the job site telling me she wasn’t sure what I wanted pictures of, because there was nothing - nothing at all of the master bedroom & bath left standing. So this is what before photos look like when there is's nothing left!  


I started working with the clients in the spring of last year to prepare plans for their master suite remodel / addition and by mid-summer we had finalized the designs. From there the plans went to the structural engineer but got caught up in a backlog, and didn’t emerge again until late spring of this year.

Here's the original floor plan for the master bedroom & bath. When I first met with the clients they had already decided that they wanted to incorporate the jogs around the footprint of the house for additional square footage, and then add on as needed. 

Here's their wish list:

  • An updated space with all the amenities and comforts of today’s master suites

  • Maintain bedroom portion located as per the original plan

  • Improved natural lighting

  • Maintain any east facing windows

  • His’ and Her’s closets, with lots of storage

  • A bedroom large enough for the family to gather

  • Workout room

  • Spa


As you can see from the original plan, over-all there was a good amount of space to start with, it was just chopped up and poorly designed.  I set to work designing different floor plan options that would meet the clients' needs. Not knowing that the contractor would end up removing all the existing, I designed around load bearing walls, windows and existing plumbing. My design objectives were to:

  • Create appropriate adjacencies between all the spaces in the suite

  • Design in such away that eliminates a long hallway leading to the new space, or give dual purpose to the hallway so it functions beyond just circulation

  • Increase the sense of natural light and the over-all brightness of the space


We explored lots of different floor plan options and in the end this is the one the clients chose.


Although not shown in the plan, the bed will be placed against the wall facing these beautiful custom cabinets with library lights, hidden wall-mounted TV, doors with transoms (for increased natural light) and a barn door that will lead into a private prayer and mediation space.

The prayer and meditation room will also have built-in cabinets with two indivudal floating desks.

In the bathroom space there will be two sink cabinets with paneled walls, sconces, mirrors, full cabinets with filagree and a gorgeous pendant light centered between the spaces.

Now for the dressing hall! Remember how one of my design objectives was to not design a long hallway used only as circulation but instead give it purpose - make it a destination, not just a pass through. Well...take a lookI

As you enter the dressing hall, to the right will be a built-in dresser with a barreled arched valance that will include two small recessed LED lights. Moving down the hall will be two doors with transoms above, one for the closet and the other to the workout room. And yes!! It all will be panelled with inset mirrors. The pendant light located near the sinks will also be repeated in the dresssing hall, centered on important architectural features and cabinetry.

On the opposite side of the hall will be a make-up vanity and a built-in bench for ease with putting shoes on, etc. The first door is for a closet and the second one goes to the spa.

At the end of the dressing hall will be this cabinet. When the clients said that they wanted more storage, that's exactly what they will be getting!

And lastly here's the cabinet design for the workout room - full cabinets on the side, window seat in the middle with cubbie storage below.


Since that day, just a few weeks ago when the photographer called telling me that there was nothing left to take photos of, the project has been moving with lightning speed. It's framed, the electricians ran wires earlier this week and the plumbers were right behind them. All the plumbing and lighting fixtures have been ordered and we are hustling to finalize all the finish materials. 

Come back soon to see how this project progresses.