Master Bathroom Tile - Shake Front Project

Here's the last of the three bathroom designs at Project Shake Front, and it's every bit as nice as the other two! Even though it's similar in color as the guest & kids' baths, we ramped things up a bit for a more refined, yet relaxed feel. Take a look and you'll see what I mean.

For more about the other two baths go here, and here, and for the full master bath design go here.


There is something just so lovely and beautiful about mosaic tiles used as an over-all floor tile instead of just being used as an accent, especially when it has such subtle characteristics as Carrara Marble. 


The floor plan and size of this bath lended itself perfectly for using the mosaic tile throughout. Notice how the mosaic tile continues into the doorless, curbless, walk-in shower for a seamless look. The uninterrupted flooring increases the sense space.


The monochromatic color scheme with it's soft transitions between materials makes the space feel airy and open. We used this quartz and this paint color for the walls, and this one for the cabinets, trims, doors & ceiling.


  • If it's possible without getting water over-spray, consider eliminating the shower curb and door to increase the sense of space.

  • Consider using uninterrupted mosaic floor tiles throughout the entire bathroom for a seamless flow.

  • Stick with a monochromatic, light colors and finishes for an airy and open feel.


Lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware...the things I like to call jewelry! Though they are much more practical and functioning then jewelry will ever be, they add pizzazz and make spaces come alive.. 

Love the space you're in!


Photo Credits: Rachel Allene - (First five images).  Jaylene Crosby - (Last four images).