The over-all footprint for the master bathroom floor plan at the Levee Rules Project needed to be developed more and perfected. If you’ve been following along with this project, you know that it is a custom new build, that has already been permitted. That means we’ve had to jump in quickly, going through the floor plan and perfecting each space, without totally undoing all the design work that was done ahead of us with the architect and clients.


The first thing we do when editing floor plans is to identify what isn’t working well. Here’s what we came up with:



We set to work to correct the problem areas and to improve and perfect the space without making huge changes to the over-all floor plan. Take a look at the revised plan and then I’ll explain a bit more about each solution.


  • Starting at the bathroom entrance from the master bedroom, we used up some of the wasted space by incorporating double pocket doors, instead of a single door. The pocket doors allow for a clean entrance.

  • We added built-in feature cabinets along the door wall for additional clothing storage.

  • See also how the base cabinets are deeper than the full uppers. We did this to add dimension and make the cabinets feel more furniture-like, as well as give them more prominence. This was done as a way to create balance and symmetry.  We also included cross-pattern grills in the upper cabinets and waterfall edges (counter material will continue on vertical side of base cabinet).

  • Notice the set-back cabinet just to the left of the feature cabinets mentioned above, and the open shelves next to it. Now see how they were duplicated on the parallel wall. Doing this allowed for us to create perfect symmetry on, and immediately around the tub wall.

  • We flipped the location of the toilet, and added a pocket door so access to the tall cabinet wouldn't be hindered.


  • Now for the tub wall. You can see that we’ve presented it two ways. The first with large drawers flanking each side of the tub and the other option includes a make-up vanity. In both options the cabinets have a waterfall edge. This was included not only for aesthetics but also to protect the cabinets from water drips that might happen being so close to the tub.

  • For the sink walls, we moved the sinks over so they were perfectly in line with the freestanding tub. We also added a full wall between the two sinks to house the electrical and to provide an architectural separation between the shower and sink areas. The architects’s plan showed the wall only going partially up. 


Well designed spaces get even better when the right fixtures, colors and materials are well thought-out and selected. With this project the plan is to incorporate both painted and stained cabinets. Here are a couple of options we’ve been thinking about:

  • Paint-grade throughout with the upper feature cabinets with the cross-pattern grills, and the floating shelves in rift-sawn oak.

  • Rift-sawn oak throughout, with the upper feature cabinets with the cross-pattern grills paint-grade.

To get a more curated feel, we’ve planned to mix metal finishes - with the faucets and lighting finishes in polished nickel and then accented with gold framed mirrors, cabinet hardware and accessories.

Planning to use some sort of geometric patterned floor tile throughout the space, similar to what’s shown


  • Get the most out of your spaces by hiring a skilled designer to troubleshoot and edit your plans. You can see with some finessing how an underdeveloped space was elevated and perfected while making minor changes to the plan.

  • Don’t be afraid of pocket doors! They are a wonderful solution when trying to avoid door swings. Over the years, the hardware has improved tremendously and so has the quality of the doors, making them glide and move easily.

  • Looking to add a fresh, clean look to your cabinets? Consider including waterfall edges on the exposed sides like we did for this project. 

  • Feeling stuck? Let’s work together! We can help you fine tune your new build projects no matter where you live. To learn more about Tami Faulkner Design, go here. For inquires go here.



To see more about this project go here and here. And there is a lot more to come!