Perhaps on this beautiful autumn day you're thinking about how you might change an awkwardly designed bathroom? I just might have some solutions for you! Take a look at the before floor plan and photos of this poorly designed guest bath from the Young Dream Project and then see the proposed solutions. Check back for my Monday post to see the after photos and final reveal of the space. You won't want to miss seeing this transformation! 


The clients from the Young Dream Project referred to their poorly designed guest bath as the Three-Door Disaster, and rightfully so!  Did you notice the two swinging doors that had to be maneuvered around to use the space (the one at the top of the floor plan, leads out to the pool and the one at the bottom is the entrance into the space from the hall)?

To make matters worse, instead of having bi-pass sliding glass doors for the shower/tub combo, there was a single, door only on the right side, and a fixed, glass panel on the left, making it quit a feat trying to get into the tub while moving passed the bench, and the metal support bar above. 


Besides the 3-Door Disaster situation, there was also limited storage...some of the much needed storage space was given to a pony-wall instead, to provide a little more privacy to the toilet.


With the design and finish materials we wanted a fresh, new and updated look while still being warm and inviting, and all with a bit of a rustic vibe.


Since there was another bathroom in the house with a bathtub, the clients gave me the go-ahead to eliminate the tub/shower combo and instead convert the space to a door-less, walk-in shower. This allowed for a clear, unobstructed entrance into the shower. In the new floor plan, I included a bench at the shower head end.

I think I might know what you're thinking, but trust me on this I've designed hundreds of bathrooms over the years and this location shown for the bench is a perfect spot.

Speaking of the bench, did you notice the short wall to the right of it? This wall was added for these two reasons:

  1. Provides clear wall space for bath towel hooks

  2. Allows the glass wall to start beyond the bench. eliminating the added cost with having the glass cut to fit around the tiled bench


The ultimate goal with the cabinet design was to get as much practical bathroom storage as possible. That meant I needed to eliminate the strange pony wall, and to choose a small but functional sink so we could get as much storage space as possible.

Another objective was to have the cabinet look like a piece of furniture. And that would've never looked right if the  backsplash was only on the front and right side. Notice how I designed an integrated symmetrical backsplash with a water-fall edge on both sides. Aah! Perfection!  *As a side note, I'm never a fan of two-sided backsplashes for small sink counters, unless there isn't any other way.

The space directly below under-mount sinks in a bathroom is generally taken up with the sink bowl, shut-off valves and small bathrooms this only leaves only a small amount of space for storage. Although the drawers shown are small they are perfect for the size of items that are typically stored in bathrooms, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes and hair products, make-up and other personal hygiene items. This leaves the storage under the sink for more bulky items like toilet paper storage and blow dryers, and other hair appliances.

For towel storage, I designed a lattice, open shelf  below the drawer and cabinet storage as shown.



And as if this bathroom wasn't already full of style, how about shiplap on the walls and ceiling too!


  • Avoid door conflict and congestion in all spaces, not just bathrooms

  • Tiled benches in showers are often best placed underneath the shower head

  • When limited space is available for sink cabinets, go with the smallest sink possible that will still function as needed

  • Be sure to include backsplash on both sides of a sink when creating a furniture-like cabinet

  • When designing bathrooms with limited space, be sure to keep in mind clear wall space for bath towel hooks


Check back on Monday for the final reveal of this project! I'm including just a little sneak-peek below, just incase I need to perk your interest a little more.

Oh! And tomorrow will be my Simply Sundays post!