What makes a beautiful kitchen? Some of my favorite kitchen design features are:

  • Free standing hoods

  • Full backsplash behind freestanding hoods

  • Some sort of pattern tiles used either on the walls or floor

  • Over-sized pendant lights above islands or nooks

  • Stained or painted floating shelves, with full backsplash behind

  • Wall lights either above the sink windows, feature cabinets, or on tiled walls

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Depending on what the clients' taste are and the look they're going for, when I set out to design kitchens for both new construction or remodels, I look for ways to incorporate some of the design features I listed above. To make that happen it means I need to include the following in the designs:

  • The stove top or range needs to be placed against a wall so I can include a free standing hood and a full backsplash on the wall behind the hood

  • I'll need to include an island or peninsula so the over-sized pendants can be placed above it

  • Floating shelves are lovely and add interest and dimension to kitchen designs, but in order to incorporate them I make sure that there is plenty of closed, more practical storage

  • To include wall lights I'll need space above the windows, floating shelves, or an open wall that can be accented with either tile or framed artwork


  • What comes first, form or function? In a kitchen design, I think function has to be at the top of the list, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish function. Think about incorporating some of the things I've listed here to add interest, and dimension to your kitchen while still honoring the function of the space. For more about designing a beautiful kitchen, go here.

Thanks for following along and be sure to make your space, a space you love!