Hands down, the most requested color from my clients to include in their projects is blue, Recently I even had a client describe blue as being her neutral. I like it! It's a good way to think about it. Having blue finishes in a space is like having a great pair of jeans, you can pair just about anything with it. It can be dressed up, or dressed down. It can take the show or play only a supporting role.

If you're looking to accent your already blue spaces, or add a touch of blue here and there, how about doing it with beautiful books?




Here's some of my favorite books with beautiful blue covers that I like to stylize with.

Simplicity is absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and so is The Kinfolk Home,

You can see from my photos Bitter is equally as stunning.

Dalmatia is a favorite for it's simple yet beautiful patterned cover that wraps around the spine and to the back of the book so no matter which side is showing it's interesting either way, 

Root to Leaf with is bold cover makes such a nice style statement, especially on a kitchen counter. 

And lastly Simple Matters is just that, it has a simple yet refined causal, and comfortable feel and happens at this moment to be adorning the credenza in my own entry.


When stylizing with books it's nice to pair those with exceptional covers with those that are plain and more simple. That way there aren't so many covers vying to be the focal point. Notice the vignettes in the photos where I've done just that; paired books with what I call feature covers with solid colored ones. I did this by taking off the paper covers of books that aren't so pretty and then I mixed them in to provide more depth and interest. 

Do you have favorite books you like to use for stylizing spaces? I would love to hear.

Happy Sunday! Likes, comments and shares are appreciated. :)


Photo Credit: Kat Alves