Happy Simply Sundays, I’m back with sharing the rest of the lovely table-scape images from the Citrus Baby Kale Salad photo shoot and recipes that I shared a couple of weeks ago. 

As always, for my Sunday post, I've kept things simple. Life is too busy, too short, and too full to complicate it more than it needs to be. Even so, life is too precious not to honor and celebrate it. What better way to do that, than to make life even more beautiful by sharing a meal with those you love, at a delightfully adorned table.


My favorite way to create a table-scape is to use fresh things like fruit and cut greenery. I love how easily they can dress up a table, and once the meal is over there’s no fussing with storing them.


I like tablecloths, especially for more formal dinners but I also love the simplicity of an uncovered table, as long as the tabletop itself is beautiful. The natural blue stone top of this table provided the perfect contrast and backdrop for the white dishes, oranges and greenery! 

Most often when planning a table-scape, I start with the napkins and then build the color scheme around them. The black and green napkins made for the perfect jumping off point!


When creating a beautiful table, don’t overlook the decorative quality of the actual food that’s going to be served. For this table, I placed a loaf of artisan bread, a small crock of butter and a butter knife on a marble cake stand to add texture, depth and even height to the table-scape.

Water flavored with fresh fruit slices, placed in a crystal pitcher is another practical way to add style and color to a table-scape.


  • Even in the rush and hurry of life, it doesn’t take much to elevate a table to one that’s beautiful and inviting.

  • Before buying fresh flowers at the market, look around your yard for branches and greenery that can be clipped, placed in vases and used as part of the table-scape.

  • On your next trip to the market, look for fresh fruit that can be used to adorn your table, and then enjoy them a second time as a meal or snack.

  • To keep things simple, yet interesting, consider using actual food items that you are serving as part of the meal to add interest to the table. Artisan bread makes for the perfect addition.

  • And don't forget the beauty that fresh fruit slices, floating in a pitcher of water will add to the table



Photo Credit: Jaylene Crosby