Happy Simply Sundays! There's three reasons behind this post. The first one being my mantra to myself to remember to enjoy fall…and that’s not because I have to be talked into enjoying it…it’s actually my most favorite season, and the one that inspires me the most. Sometimes though, work…and life gets in the way and I forget to enjoy it as much as a want to, and then before I know it, it’s come and gone. 

The second reason is actually a part of the first…I’m on a quest to learn photography but like my mantra about remembering to enjoy fall, I have to do the same thing with pushing myself to make time to play around with my camera. I feel much more motivated to do so if I have something fresh and specific to shoot…so that brings me to my third reason…which also ties back to the first…and the second…nothing says fall quite like homemade Butterscotch Chip Cookies with Candy Corn toppings! *See the recipe below.

Before you get too distracted though by the yummy thoughts of homemade cookies, did you see my post from last week where I shared the design plans and some sneak peeks of the study at the Yellow Bend Project?  The photos of the sculptural light fixtures, and cabinet hardware in the beautiful custom millwork and cabinetry are truly stunning! Although the study is beautiful all year around, it definitely has a bit of a fall vibe because of the rich colors with the deep gray paint and dark distressed wood flooring. Check it out, I think you're going to love it.Now back to cookies...


Enjoy your day...and remember to enjoy fall before it slips away.