Just a few words before I talk about tile...I love when the photographers capture beautiful images on the job site that aren't necessary considered beautiful in and of themselves. Without the tools of the trade and the skilled contractors and subcontracts that use them, no matter how beautifully a space is designed, without their expertise projects would be mediocre at best.


Now about the tile...for the shower walls and tub splash we went with a 4x8 subway tiles as opposed to the typical 3x6. This will add a fresh look to a more traditional approach. We also ramped up the style and interest by mixing the tile patterns. We're going with  a 2x2 square on the shower floor (typically 4x4 and smaller are used on tile floors to accommodate the slope for the drain, and help prevent slipping by providing more foot traction).

For the pattern mix we went with a running-bond, or brick pattern about a third of the way up the wall and then transitioned to a herringbone. We opted to go for a cleaner, uninterrupted look by continuing the herringbone pattern in the soap niches too. 

To have a clean and appealing transition between the tile patterns (there's other reasons too for doing it this way but that will have to wait for another post) we used a simple tile chair rail. 



More about THE SOAP niches

With all the long horizontals in the space (if you haven't seen how we're interrupting all the geometry in the space by adding organic lines, go here) I wanted to keep with a long horizontal shape in both the shower and bath for the soap niches. To do that though I needed to make sure that there would still be plenty of height for the soap containers to fit. I literally designed the niches around the clients' favorite soap bottles so they are sure to fit comfortably. 


the take away

  • If you need to make a space feel brighter, include materials that have a reflective quality like we did here with the shower walls and tub splash.
  • When using simple white tiles, consider mixing patterns to add interest and style to the space.
  • Keep things simple and clean by wrapping the soap niches with the wall tile instead of introducing a contrasting tile.
  • For a refined, well thought-out look, use tile chair rails, or other trim pieces to transition between tile pattern changes.


Oh my goodness!! We're getting so close to completion with this project. Next post I'll be sharing how beautiful the tile turned out, the counter tops and finishing plumbing. 

Thanks for following along! Likes and shares are appreciated1


Photo Credit: Jaylene Crosby / This Sojourn Life