The Break Arch master bath gut & remodel will be another one of those projects where you won't even be able to recognize the Before's & After's!  You can see the Before's  here and a sneak peek here.

Before we look at the new floor plan options I provided the clients, I've note the challenges and limitations with the existing space...this will help better explain why I did what I did.

Challenges and Limitations... 

  • crowded shower, tub & toilet room with conflicting door swings

  • small shower 32"x32"

  • crowded toilet compartment 32"w

  • single sink

  • limited storage

  • space too narrow - *keep in mind while reviewing the floor plan options that by removing the closet (which of course is floor to ceiling) and replacing it with lower bathroom components like 36" cabinets or 20"h tub will makes a significant difference in how the space will feel

  • no natural light or ventilation - at one point there was a window above the tub but it was removed (long before I met my clients) when an addition was added-on to the house

  • generally dark

  • arched doorway opening

Design Goals & Objectives...

  • work with existing plumbing where possible

  • reduce crowding

  • open up the space

  • improve storage

  • gain a second sink

  • improve light

  • eliminate arch opening

  • improve shower

  • improve tub


Before the clients and I even talked about the project, they decided the best way to gain extra square footage was to incorporate the sauna area. It  hadn't been used in years, and had become a catch-all. *Note: As the project progressed we were able to gain more space by swapping out the water heater and going with a space saving tankless like this


As always, there is more than one way to solve a spatial puzzle...and that includes even those spaces that at first glance seem hopeless. Take a look and you'll see what I mean...

floor plan A

I started with FLOOR PLAN A which was similar to what my clients described for the changes they had in mind. The space would have been improved with this option but not by much! The shower would have stayed at it's measly, 32"x32" footprint, and the tub, still a dinky 30"x60".  Forget any sense of luxury! We can do better than this! See before plan and photos here.


floor plan B

With FLOOR PLAN B, the tub would stay the same, and so would the toilet compartment. The shower would get a bit bigger, storage would improve, and the sink wall would provide an opportunity to do interesting custom cabinets with mirrors or glass.


floor plan C

The amount of space is still the same, but with FLOOR PLAN C the way it's configured, I was better able to get in all the amenities typical of a master bathroom.


floor plan D

With FLOOR PLAN D, I took a little space out of the bedroom to help widen the bathroom space.


floor plan E

 FLOOR PLAN E comes with a larger toilet room, but over-all the space is still narrow.


floor plan F

A shower / tub combo option helps create a bit more floor space in FLOOR PLAN F.

Come back soon to see what plan the clients choose...and here to see the before.