To provide a better sense of the timeline for this project I'll give a short over-view...I became involved in the project September-ish of last year and from there we worked quickly to fine tune and perfect each space of the house. You can see more of the design process by going to my Instagram and looking under #projectshakefront. You can follow along there to see a bunch of other projects too.

In the kitchen and baths we customized the layouts, cabinets and added some architectural detail. I started with the kitchen design...kitchens are really the heart of the home in so many ways...typically it is where the interior architectural style of a home is defined (which should already be established somewhat with the exterior architecture). You can see more about this project and the kitchen design here....and more here.

Fast forward from fall to spring...we went from a house on paper to a house! A real house!! These photos were taken sometime in a side note I have been stockpiling photos of this project, and a few others that are in the build process while waiting for my new website and blog to be up and running...we have come a long way in the last two months since these photos where taken so be sure to check back soon!


To the far right is the front door...the rest of the photo is showing the refrigerator / oven wall that will include floating shelves, full back splash and a library light.  In the foreground is the pony wall for the island.

To the far right is the hallway leading to a bedroom, panty, and mudroom...the rest of the photo is showing the stove and hood feature wall that will also have a full back splash.  In the foreground is the pony wall for the island.

The sink wall is being shown in this photo with the dining nook in the background, and the island pony wall is in the foreground.

Front room and entry to the far left. Refrigerator and stove wall and sink wall looking in from dining nook.

And the panty...It's the kind we all dream of!

Reviewing the designs with my sweet client...

...and more reviewing.

Sometimes the back of my car doubles as a show it did on this cold, spring rainy Northern CA day. We were dodging rain and wind but it sure beat trying to haul everything in and out while trying to dodge the wind and rain! 

If you didn't get a chance to click on the link of the kitchen design go will help make more sense of the photos., 

Thanks for joining me here...come back soon...there will be lots more to see.