Phase 2 of the  Break Arch Project, is a master bathroom gut & remodel (we just finished a large renovation on the same project that included the kitchen and the main areas of the house, like the entry, living and family rooms, powder room, etc....yes, I'm kicking myself that I didn't get photos along the way of that phase of the project because it too was an amazing transformation)...when it's all said and done you won't even recognize the old master bath from the new. You can see a couple of sneak peak progress shots here.

A lot has been happening behind-the-scene with this project and I have a bunch of photos just waiting to be shared. Construction is winding down...tile and counter tops go in sometime next week, finished plumbing and electrical following that, and before long I'll have some amazing After photos to share. In the mean time you can see more about the project in my Instagram gallery under #breakarchproject...if you're not following me yet, please do!


Take a look at the existing floor plan. I think you'll see right away why the space wasn't working for the clients.

before photos

It's been a couple of months since these photos where taken and much has changed since then....but for now just take a look at these and then get prepared for the amazing transformation to come...

After taking onsite measurements, verifying them with the existing floor and making notes of my clients’ wish list, I got to work to see how I could define the space differently and make it more functional for the clients. See more of the design and planning phase here.

Come back soon to see Part 2.