Happy Labor Day Weekend! It's roasting hot in Northern California, but the shorter days with less direct sunlight...and the longer shadows, with the cooler evenings are making me dream of the beautiful autumn days ahead. 

For this weeks' Simply Sundays post I'm sharing some fashion favorites that will transition well in the weeks ahead, providing a fall-look but without feeling and looking overdressed for warm days.


On a personal note, I want to share how happy this post makes me! In many ways it's a celebration of photography. Unlike other post, I'm using my very own images instead of the work of the talented group of professional photographers that I work with. This is HUGE for me! For years I have wanted so badly to take decent photos but have failed miserably. 

I've studied photography books for beginners, and I've had kind and generous coaching from family and friends, but no matter what, I couldn't seem to make sense of it...until recently when a sweet friend gave me a tutorial. Not sure how she did it, but she approached it in a very non-technical way that made it far less intimidating. I can't tell you specifically how I got these photos but the important thing for me is that I got them!!  And that gives me hope that I can do it again.

Did anything catch your eyes in my photo collection? Click on the links below to see all sources. 

.01     .02     .03     .04     .05     .06     .07     .08     .09     .10     .11     .12     .13

Happy Sunday!